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Enforcer Decoys are the main importers and distributors for Dakota Decoys in UK Ireland & Europe.

Custom Design Ultimate Decoy

Designed by hunters for hunters

Custom Design Ultimate Decoy

Designed by hunters for hunters

Feeder & Sentry Decoys

transform your pigeon shooting success rate


Custom Design

You cannot find another pigeon decoy that can match the realism of Enforcer Decoys. Each decoy has a 7 step hand painted finish to enhance every minor detail.

Key Elements

Enforcer Decoys use matteblock technology to prevent shine on the decoys, whether in rain, frost, snow or ice our decoys will remain bright but shine free.

Variety of Decoys

Enforcer Decoys provide a variety of decoys from: feeder decoys, sentry decoys and Breezerider Motion Stakes.


Enforcer Decoys are built with durability in mind, our decoys are able to withstand being shot, stood on and thrown around the back of your truck.

Enforcer Hunting Products

Enforcer Hunting Products was conceived with one simple mission in mind : To provide every hunter in the UK and Europe with the best quality hunting decoys and hunting products available.

Like every other hunter on the planet, we were always looking to get the very best possible general and pigeon decoys available on the market but as the years have gone by, we have struggled to find decoys that accurately resemble game species we are actually trying to attract.
This is why we founded Enforcer Hunting Products, with its core focus and purpose to produce the very best of decoys with the highest of quality in colouring and life size realism.

Enforcer Pro Series

Realism beyond imagination
pigeon shooting decoys

Feeder Decoys

Our pigeon decoys are manufactured to be 10% larger than life size. You will be amazed at how much this increases the pulling power of your pattern.
These decoys will withstand being shot, stood on, and being tossed around in the back of your truck. Just the way serious pigeon shooters treat their decoys.

Sentry Decoys

Enforcer Pro Series Pigeon Decoys are ready to go, right out of the box.
It’s time to transform your pigeon shooting success rate!
“These Decoys Come With A Health Warning to All Wood Pigeons.”

6 x Feeder Decoys,
4 x Sentry Decoys,
10 x BreezeRider Motion Stakes.

pigeon decoys

If You’re Interested

if you would like more information or would like to speak to a member of our team then get in touch and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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