Enforcer Hunting Products was conceived with one simple mission in mind: To provide every hunter in the UK and Europe with the best quality hunting decoys and hunting products available.

In The Beginning

Like every other hunter on the planet, we were always looking to get the very best possible decoys available on the market but as the years have gone by, we have struggled to find decoys that accurately resemble game species we are actually trying to attract.

This is why we founded Enforcer Hunting Products, with its core focus and purpose to produce the very best of decoys with the highest of quality in colouring and life size realism.

At this point we decided to establish our own brand and style of hunting decoys for sportsmen in the UK and Europe; it has taken the Enforcer team 3 years to find the right specifications of model carvings, plastics, acrylic paints, and most importantly of all, the right factory to produce the decoys to our exacting standards.

The Team Behind Enforcer

Enforcer Hunting Products team has over 28 years of shooting experience in all types of shooting, we have also guided clients in the uk on goose hunts, wood pigeon shooting, deer stalking trips, for several years, both in England and Scotland.

We don’t just manufacture all our own decoys at Enforcer, we also field test all of our decoys ourselves thus ensuring all our products are genuinely fit for purpose in the field and we will not pass any of our products for retail until we are fully satisfied of the quality and realism of our decoys.

Here at Enforcer Hunting Products we only supply to the trade. We have dedicated suppliers to the public and you can find a stockist near you in our dealer locator tab at the top of this page.

If You Like What You See

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