Enforcer Pro Series Pigeon Decoys


“Realism beyond Imagination”


You’ve seen one pigeon decoy, you’ve seen them all, right? Wrong.

There has never been any pigeon decoy ever produced that can match the realism and perfect feather detailing as found on the Enforcer Pro Series Decoys. Fact.

Take a close look at the 14 step hand painted finish on every decoy and compare it to any other pigeon decoy on the market. Have you ever seen anything, anywhere that could even come close to the detail of our decoys? No. And you never will!

Over the last two and half years we have been testing all of the paints and plastics that go into the production of Enforcer Decoys.

We have developed what we believe to be the perfect blend of plastic composite, containing 60% high density polyethylene and 40% low density polyethylene.

We have found that this combination makes the decoys tough and durable for the harshest of weather in the UK and Europe.

Have you ever seen a mounting system that can match our patented BreezeRider motion stake? Just the right amount of movement, in ALL weather conditions, makes it just perfect.

Our unique paint is made to bond not just onto the decoy, but into it as well. It never chips, cracks, fades or peels. In blazing sun or brutal cold. It just works. Forever.

The paint is produced using MatteBlock technology. It NEVER shines, whether in rain, frost, snow or ice. It stays bright but matte and the UV stabilisers added during production are guaranteed to draw the birds like a magnet.

The colour always remains true in any weather. Just compare that to flocked decoys which chip, peel and turn black in colour as soon as they get wet!

Our decoys are manufactured to be 10% larger than life size. You will be amazed at how much this increases the pulling power of your pattern.

These decoys will withstand being shot, stood on, and being tossed around in the back of your truck. Just the way serious pigeon shooters treat their decoys.

Enforcer Pro Series Pigeon Decoys are ready to go, right out of the box.

It’s time to transform your pigeon shooting success rate!

“These Decoys Come With A Health Warning to All Wood Pigeons.”



6 x Feeder Decoys,

4 x Sentry Decoys,

10 x BreezeRider Motion Stakes.

Enforcer 10 Slotted Decoy Bags

Enforcer Pro Series Decoys

Enforcer Flying Decoys

Enforcer Flying Decoy Bag

Full bodied Pink Foot Goose Decoys

Full Bodied Greylag Goose Decoys

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